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Transcript for The moment Comey thinks Trump turned on him

Give me an opening by saying you think it was a great answer you think it was a good answer and then he was starting to move on and I jumped in and I said Mr. President. The first part of the answer was fine not the second part we’re not the killers that prudence. And when I said that the weather changed in the room and with the shadow across his face and his eyes got this strange kind of hard look. And I thought in that moment I’ve just done something unusual maybe and that it passed. And the meeting was over and thanks for coming and then and previous walked me out yet another mob flashback. Yeah I did although in that moment I was thinking. I just succeeded to alert had intended to him ending any personal relationship. Between me and the president by. Its by interrupting him and also criticizing him to his face and we’re back and told my staff that it happened and I thought and told them that’s not a bad thing because it will help us keep a distance that we need to keep from him.

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{“id”:54485734,”title”:”The moment Comey thinks Trump turned on him”,”duration”:”1:08″,”description”:”In an exclusive interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, the former FBI director said President Trump’s “eyes got this strange, kinda hard look” after he interrupted and criticized him.”,”url”:”/2020/video/moment-comey-thinks-trump-turned-54485734″,”section”:”2020″,”mediaType”:”default”}

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