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We want to head overseas to the mounting hostilities between Israel and Iran. What began with the shootdown of an alleged Israeli drone. ABC’s Jennifer Eccleston reporting from London tonight. Reporter: Tonight, Israeli retaliation. Israel’s military releasing this video of f-16 jets hitting military sites across Syria. The targets, at least a dozen, both Syrian and Iranian. Including a launch vehicle that allegedly sent an Iranian drone over Israel setting off the large-scale counterattack. But Israel’s air force also taking a hit. Anti-aircraft fire from Syria bringing down this jet. The pilots escaping with parachutes. This was a bold and provocative move by the Iranians. The real risk here is that it turns into a broader conflict between Israel and Iran. Reporter: Tonight, Israeli officials warning Iran, it’s playing with fire. But Iran firing back, dismissing as, quote, ridiculous. Syria calling the strikes on their territory an act of terror. The state department tonight blaming Iran for the escalation of violence saying, it strongly supports Israel’s sovereign right to defend itself, Tom? Jennifer Eccleston monitoring

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